Can laser hair removal make you realize your beautiful dream?

Laser hair removal is a widely used technology. Laser hair removal is the most advanced permanent hair removal method at present: obvious hair removal effect, fast operation speed, light pain and no side effects.

Compared with laser hair removal, radical hair removal with a wide range of methods, such as blade scraping, wax, hair removal agent, and even electroacupuncture, electric clip, etc. unfortunately, it is not effective or expensive. And often cause inflammation, allergy and other secondary injuries due to improper use.

As we all know, Chinese hair is black because it contains melanin particles. These melanin particles are the target tissue of laser therapy.

The laser can pass through the epidermis and enter the dermis, which is selectively absorbed by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicles, resulting in photothermal effect. The heat energy in the hair can be transmitted to the surrounding, completely destroying the “hair roots” such as hair follicles and stem cells, and permanent hair removal. The normal tissue around the hair follicle does not absorb this laser because it does not contain melanin particles, so it is less affected and generally will not cause scar. 800 nm, 100 ms laser hair removal machine has very advanced performance.

However, some people worry that laser hair removal will hurt the skin, so they pay great attention to the safety of laser hair removal. In fact, laser hair removal is a very safe hair removal method. This technology is not only highly targeted, but also has no side effects on the human body and almost no impact on the skin.

Friends who do laser hair removal should pay attention to the sun protection of the hair removal part one week before treatment and two weeks after treatment. The hair removal part should not be depilated, wax depilated and electrolytic depilated two weeks before treatment.

Laser hair removal generally takes three to six times, mainly due to two factors: first, most hair follicles are bound together in groups of three and open in the same pore. A hair in the pore is the hair growing from one of the three hair follicles in the following group, so one treatment can only destroy one hair follicle in a group; Second, hair growth should go through growth period, degenerative period and resting period. Laser hair removal in growth period is 75% effective, degenerative period is 25%, and resting period is almost invalid.

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