Can laser permanent hair removal remove shiny skin?

Laser permanent hair removal is not suitable for everyone. It is more suitable for people with light skin color and deep hair. The treatment scope is locked in “dark pigment”. If your skin color is deep, the laser will destroy the skin pigment and cause leukoplakia or black spots. After that, it often takes several months to recover gradually.

Because laser permanent hair removal is treated by the preferential absorption of laser by pigment in hair follicle, people with black skin may also absorb part of laser energy during treatment, resulting in certain damage to the skin. Therefore, laser permanent hair removal is particularly suitable for people with fair skin and dark hair.

Laser permanent hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermal dynamics. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser can pass through the surface of the skin to the root of the hair. Hair follicle light energy is absorbed and transformed into heat energy that destroys hair follicle tissue, so that hair loses its regeneration ability without damaging surrounding tissues. Laser permanent hair removal is the safest, fast and long-term hair removal technology at present.

Due to the inconsistent growth cycle of hair follicles, the hair of any part has some potential hair growth ability, that is, the incubation period, that is, the laser is effective for the hair follicles in the regeneration period, but not for the hair follicles in the dormant period. Therefore, the laser permanent hair removal can generally remove the excess hair of various parts of the body after 2-4 times of treatment according to the hair growth characteristics of different parts.

Therefore, if you want to show your beauty in summer, it’s time to start preparing now. In addition, the depilation site should be sunscreen one week before and two weeks after laser permanent depilation treatment. The depilation site should not be depilated two weeks before treatment.

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