Depilation must not be arbitrary

Summer is coming, and it’s time to show your skin. Therefore, many people begin the hard struggle of depilation. As everyone knows, depilation also has a lot of attention, can not do whatever you want. There are many places worthy of our attention.

Wax depilation:

Wax depilation includes frozen wax and hot wax. No matter what kind of wax is used for depilation, the depilated skin should be routinely disinfected, because the depilation is to apply wax on the cloth, stick it on the skin, and then remove it to achieve the purpose of depilation. Therefore, it is forbidden for people with furuncle and infection, which will tear the skin. Lift quickly and gently to relieve pain. When applying hot wax, pay attention to the wax temperature and don’t burn the skin. After depilation, apply anti-inflammatory ointment or shrink water on the depilated part.

Electric hair removal:

It is a reliable method for permanent depilation. Although the method is good, it can not be used indiscriminately. The hair in the ears and nostrils can not be taken off, because the hair in these places can filter dust. The hair on the skin nevus cannot be removed; The skin has infection and inflammation and cannot depilate; Those who are receiving hormone drug treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy cannot depilate.

Laser hair removal:

Laser depilation is a permanent depilation method like electric depilation. The difference is that the scope of application of electric hair removal is small. Laser hair removal has different requirements for hair removal machines and high technical requirements for machine operators. If the operation time is too long or the laser treatment is too deep, it will damage the skin and leave sequelae scars. Therefore, the choice of this method should be careful. The recipient’s skin should also not have inflammation or other diseases.

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