Do you know three ways to remove leg hair?

The amount of hair is natural, but organ diseases in charge of endocrine can also cause hormone imbalance; Women may be caused by insufficient hormone secretion during menopause, or hormonal imbalance caused by emotional fluctuations and mental stress and stimulation of hair follicles; Moreover, if you use cortisone drugs or drugs for epilepsy for a period of time, it may also stimulate too much hair.

Because leg hair is thicker and more, the following three methods are generally adopted:

1、 Shaving method

The fastest way to run by yourself, but it should be noted that it is best to apply products such as yongkawen and cleansing cream first, wet the hair for a minute or two, and then scrape along the hair, but don’t be too close to the skin to prevent the hair from growing into the hair follicle. However, this method is only temporary, because the hair under the skin surface will grow again soon, and because some hair is shaved from half of the hair stem, the newly grown hair will appear thicker and darker, and you will feel the shaving hand when touching it.

2、 Wax depilation

There are two kinds of cold wax and low-temperature wax, because the wax can uproot the hair, and there is no stimulation of chemicals and razor rubbing the skin. After depilation, the skin can maintain a beautiful and smooth appearance for a long time, but it must be run by an experienced professional beautician to avoid unnecessary pain.

3、 Laser hair removal

The light sheer semiconductor laser depilator, with a wavelength of 800 nm, passes through the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle. The laser light is fully absorbed by the hair follicle and destroys the hair follicle, shrinking the hair follicle, effectively removing dense hair and achieving the effect of permanent depilation.

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