After laser depilate how long can touch water? Principle of laser hair removal

  In our daily life, many people have undergone laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a very popular beauty treatment. Laser hair removal uses light and heat to destroy hair follicles and inhibit their growth.

  After laser depilate how long can touch water?

  According to Bian Xiao, after laser hair removal, try not to touch water within 24 hours. Because in the process of laser hair removal, skin pores will open, if you quickly encounter water, will cause impact on the skin. So wait until 24 hours later to wash, the water temperature should be controlled below 37 degrees, to avoid the discomfort caused by too high water temperature. And after laser hair removal, we should first pay attention to local cleaning, local application of erythromycin ointment, to avoid infection. Be careful not to eat spicy food these days. Do not expose the treatment area to direct sunlight for three to six months.

  Principle of laser hair removal

  There are three stages of hair: growth, retention and shedding. At any given time on our skin, 85 percent of our hair comes from growing. The laser is aimed at growing hair, because that’s when the follicles are closest to the skin and are completely destroyed, which is the basis for permanent hair removal.

  Please avoid the following conditions 4-6 weeks before laser exposure.

  1. Don’t use hair removal cream

  2. Don’t bleach your hair

  3. Don’t use beeswax.

  4. Don’t pull.

  In summary, you can only shave. In addition, it’s best to avoid anything that darkens the skin, such as any form of tanning.

  Is it skin damage that prevents perspiration

  Sure, you can sweat under your armpits when it’s hot. Also, because the laser is permanent hair removal, so there are no hair, long hair and other issues, by contrast, the skin under the armpits should be fair and smooth. Laser hair removal is the most important point: the effect is laser hair removal, so we must find a high standard, good word of mouth professional clinic or beauty salon! Don’t go after cheap, tatty, unreliable beauties.

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