How long can laser depilation last

Laser hair removal is to emit a certain wavelength of laser through the laser instrument, penetrate the skin to reach the position of the hair follicle, and act on the root of the hair follicle to absorb energy and be damaged. The damaged hair follicle root causes the hair to fall off and cannot grow new hair again because the tissue shrinks.

At present, laser hair removal is more and more recognized by everyone. After many treatments, it can achieve the effect of long-term hair removal. The specific times of treatment are related to many factors, such as skin condition, hair removal site, hair type and so on. Most patients need 3-5 times to achieve permanent depilation effect, and some patients with heavier hair even have more times. Because there are three growth cycles, including growth arrest and regression. Laser hair removal can only effectively remove the hair in the growth period, and the hair in these three growth cycles exist at the same time. Therefore, to achieve complete hair removal, we must go through multiple courses of treatment, that is, hair removal should be phased. It is suggested to choose regular medical institutions for laser hair removal treatment in order to obtain good hair removal effect and reduce risk.

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