How many money does crus depilate? How many is the charge of crus depilate?

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  Calf depilate how many money?

  Laser hair removal is commonly used to treat the laser through the skin surface to reach the hair follicle, that is, the root of the hair, damage the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair can not regenerate, tingling light. It is recommended that you check for excessive body hair caused by high androgen levels. Freezing point depilation is affected by many factors, so it is impossible to give specific figures.

  Depilation cream and depilation wax paper difference

  Composition differences

  The main ingredient of hair removal cream is calcium mercaptoacetate, a chemical. The main component of wax wax paper is beeswax, namely wax wax, which is a biological agent.

  Use it in different ways

  The way to use the hair removal cream is to clean the skin, apply it to the skin, wait a few minutes before shaving it off. Depilated wax paper is divided into frozen wax and hot wax. If it’s a frozen wax, apply it directly to the skin and remove it. If it is a hot wax, it needs to be heated before it can be applied to the skin.

  Different duration of depilation

  After depilating with depilate cream depilate, duration is short, the chairman comes back after a week commonly. Wax paper can last a long time because it pulls the hair out of the roots. Different hair removal creams are not painful to use; Wax paper is a bit painful to use because it goes deep into your hair.

  Can depilate cream depilate permanently?

  Depilation cream will not achieve permanent depilation. Depilate frost won’t damage subcutaneous follicle organization, the hair that removes with depilate frost still can grow inside certain time come back. Permanent hair removal creams do not work. The main fatty mercaptoacids in hair removal creams can bind to keratin in hair, but hair can become brittle, swollen and easily broken. The so-called permanent hair removal cream is similar to this principle, the chemical removal of epidermal hair can not achieve permanent.

  Wax paper for allergy depilation

  Hair removal cream: hair removal cream contains a lot of hydrophobic acetic acid (calcium) or barium sulfide and other chemicals, easy to stimulate the skin hair follicles in the process of use, resulting in skin allergies. Sensitive muscles should be carefully used hair removal cream. Wax wax paper: wax wax on wax paper is a biological agent, no irritation to the skin when using, no side effects. Therefore, sensitive muscle patients should use wax paper hair removal.

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