How to have the best hair removal effect? Introduce some of the most commonly used hair removal methods

Core tip: if the body hair is strong, many people are embarrassed to wear cool clothes in summer, so many people will choose some ways to depilate before the arrival of summer, such as the most common shaving knife method, wax depilation method, etc. because everyone’s skin condition and hair condition are different, they should also choose the corresponding method according to their own actual situation.

Many people are affected by genetic factors. The hair of body parts is very strong, while if the body hair of legs, armpits and hands is heavy, it will greatly affect their personal image. Now many women who love beauty also wear cool clothes in summer, and if they expose their hair, it will naturally make them feel very embarrassed. Therefore, many people are also particularly concerned about the method of hair removal.

  1. Shaving knife

First of all, people should buy better quality manual shaving knife or electric shaving knife. Compared with manual shaving knife, electric shaving knife is more convenient to use, and it is not easy to damage the skin. It is necessary to wet the depilated part with water first, and then apply some moisturizer to make the skin smoother, so as to avoid being scratched. It should also be noted that it is better to cut it short along the length of the hair before shaving, Then shave slowly, so as to avoid entanglement of the hair.

  1. Plucking method

In fact, many young women will use the method of hair removal to remove the hair in the armpit in summer, but this method requires great patience and takes more time. The vast majority of people have pain and even bleeding in the process of hair removal. Some women also have red and swollen hair follicles after hair removal, causing skin inflammation. So we don’t recommend this method at present.

  1. Wax depilation

At present, the wax depilation method is also more popular. The specific method is to apply the wax evenly on the hair, and put a layer of cloth with good air permeability on it, and tear it off together after the wax solidifies. If the hair is relatively long, the effect of this method is particularly good, but there will be strong pain and other discomfort when pulling out the hair.

No matter what kind of depilation method we use, after removing the hair, the nursing method is very important. We should avoid whitening and exfoliating products in a short time, and try to apply some moisturizing lotion. In addition, if the weather outside is hot, we should also do a good job of sun protection when we go out, so as to avoid pigment deposition.

Now you should know how to depilate better. Above, we briefly introduced three common depilation methods, and these three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Because everyone has different skin conditions and different hair lengths, different depilation methods are also applicable. However, no matter which method is selected, we should pay attention to skin care after shaving.