Beauty salon 808 laser depilator and OPT depilator difference.

  OPT hair remover is an intelligent non-ablative skin reconstruction system integrating epidermal cooling technology, pulsed light technology and radio frequency technology. The principle of action is the same as freezing point hair removal. Using the principle of selective photothermal decomposition of patented intense pulsed light source, the melanocytes in the hair follicle absorb the light of specific band, so that the hair follicle produces heat, and selectively destroy the hair follicle.

  808 semiconductor laser hair remover is short for 808 hair remover. Its output wavelength of 808nm continuous laser, can effectively penetrate the target tissue (dermal papilla), so that the hair loss, loss of regeneration ability, so as to achieve the purpose of relatively permanent hair removal. In addition, the thermal damage caused by the laser has little effect on the surrounding tissues. The 808 laser Hair removal device uses a sapphire skin cooling system to make the skin feel cool during treatment. It is a real painless permanent hair removal machine.

  The difference between the two:

  Both use air cooling, water cooling and semiconductor refrigeration. However, OP hair removal uses dual-wavelength cutoff technology: 640 nm to 950 nm and 530 nm to 950 nm, making the effect more precise. 640-950 nanometers are used for hair removal. 50 nm-950 nm is mainly used for whitening and tender skin, freckle and acne removal, redness and bloodshot removal, auxiliary breast enlargement, etc.

  The 808nm laser emitted by the 808 depilator directly acts on the melanin in the hair matrix of the target tissue, heating the hair follicle to more than 75, the hair follicle loses activity after being heated and solidified, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal, without harming the normal skin tissue, and achieve better hair removal effect.

  In general, 808 laser hair removal instrument is a professional hair removal instrument, its hair removal effect is naturally superior to other hair removal technology!

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