Is there any hidden danger in laser facial hair removal? The harm of facial laser hair removal should be understood

Core tip: hair is not allowed to exist for white skin and beautiful muscles with curdled skin. Many women with strong hair will choose laser hair removal to remove facial hair. Laser facial hair removal is generally harmless as long as it is operated by a regular mechanism and pays attention to postoperative care. However, if the selection of institutions is not standardized and the operation of doctors is unreasonable, it is prone to skin scars, skin burns, skin redness and swelling and pigment precipitation.

White and beautiful facial skin is the pursuit of many women, but if the facial hair is strong, it will appear to lack femininity and make women become a little masculine. At this time, laser facial hair removal needs to be done to improve it. Laser facial hair removal can help women eliminate excess hair on the face, but female friends who have not done hair removal will also worry about potential safety problems. Is there any potential danger in laser facial hair removal? Let’s learn more about it.

Is there a hidden danger in laser facial depilation? Strictly speaking, as long as you choose a regular plastic and cosmetic organization for hair removal and find an experienced dermatologist for operation, there is generally no potential safety hazard. However, if the depilation organization is irregular, or the preoperative and postoperative care is not done well, laser facial depilation also has a series of hazards.

  1. Skin redness and swelling

During facial hair removal, if the laser energy played by the operator is too large, or the patient’s own skin is sensitive, there may be temporary redness and swelling of the skin and some tenderness after the operation. At this time, you can try cold compress with ice to alleviate the discomfort.

  1. Skin scald

Laser facial hair removal is only suitable for people with white skin. If the skin is dark, it is prone to skin burns after operation, because the melanin in the skin will absorb laser energy. In addition, high laser intensity and long hair removal time will not only cause skin burns, but also lead to long blisters on the skin.

  1. Scar

Skin scar is also a hidden danger of laser facial hair removal. If dermatologists can not reasonably adjust the laser energy according to the patient’s skin tolerance, so that the laser energy is too high and the laser irradiation time is too long, it is easy to cause blisters on the skin, blister cracking, damage to deep skin tissue, and then scars appear.

  1. Pigment precipitation

After laser facial hair removal, pigmentation will appear on the skin, which is mainly caused by not paying attention to sunscreen after hair removal. After depilation, the skin will become more sensitive. Excessive ultraviolet radiation will make the skin black, and then pigmentation will appear. Pigmentation usually disappears after 3 months. If it does not disappear for a long time, you can take vitamin C to improve it.

Through the above introduction, I believe you should have a certain understanding of the hidden dangers of laser facial hair removal. In order to ensure the effect of laser facial depilation and eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards, we must choose professional depilation institutions and depilation doctors. We can’t blindly pursue low price and blind depilation.