Laser hair removal knowledge tutorial: Little Secrets you don’t know about laser

When it comes to hair removal, people who love beauty have tried some methods. Ladies who want laser hair removal should first have a look at the relevant knowledge about laser hair removal!

Principle of laser hair removal in the 1990s, laser technology has made great progress in medical beauty. Scientists have successfully applied the principle of “selective photothermal effect” to hair removal by using laser technology. The specific wavelength laser passes through the epidermis and directly acts on the hair follicle. The melanin of the hair follicle and hair stem selectively absorbs light energy. The resulting thermal effect makes the hair follicle coagulate and necrosis, and the hair will no longer grow.

Laser Hair Removal Tips

  1. The scope of laser hair removal is very wide. The hair of all parts of the body (such as lip hair, armpit hair, limb hair, etc.) can be treated.
  2. The principle of “selective photothermal effect” of laser determines that laser has a strong effect on thicker and blacker hair follicles (more melanin) and good hair removal effect. The finer and softer the hair, the lighter the hair color, the worse the depilation effect. Because there is no melanin in hair follicle, laser treatment is ineffective.
  3. There was no pain during treatment, no damage to the epidermis after treatment, and no worry of leaving scars.
  4. Laser hair removal needs 3 ~ 5 times to be fully effective. Because the growth of hair goes through three stages: growth period, regression period and rest period. Melanin exists in hair follicles during growth, and laser can destroy hair follicles at this stage; There was less melanin in hair follicles in degenerative stage, and the damage effect of laser on hair follicles was weak; There is no melanin in the resting hair follicle, and the laser has no effect on it. The laser will only work on it when the resting hair follicle changes into a growing hair follicle.
  5. No preparation is required before laser treatment. Within two weeks after depilation, the treatment site should avoid ultraviolet radiation to avoid transient pigmentation.
  6. The interval between the two depilations is generally about one month.
  7. The time required for laser hair removal depends on the size of the treatment area. For example, the treatment of lip hair can be completed in 5 ~ 10 minutes, the treatment of axillary hair takes about 20 minutes, and the treatment of legs and multiple parts takes about an hour.
  8. Laser will not affect the function of sweat gland and sebaceous gland. Because laser only works on melanin, hair follicles contain a large amount of melanin. Laser with a specific wavelength acts on hair follicles, and its heat energy is absorbed by melanin in hair follicles, which makes hair follicles coagulate and necrosis, so as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. There is no melanin in sweat gland and sebaceous gland, and laser has no effect on it.

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