Body blasting products and hair removal machines are popular.

  Economic growth promotes the change of consumption concept. Driven by consumption ability and willingness, contemporary consumers, especially women, are increasingly pursuing exquisite and detailed beauty. Smooth and flawless skin is a required course for women, and the need for hair removal is getting stronger and stronger.

  Female body needs enlightenment, depilator products are relatively blank.

  Previously, there were few products to choose from in the hair removal segment. Electric shaver has become the first choice of hair removal tools for women, the reason for its rapid development, because it combines the rigid needs of male shaving with the soft needs of female hair removal.

  According to Zhiyan, the market size of Electric shavers in China has been growing continuously since 2012, with the market size growth rate exceeding 16% in 2018 and 2019 for two consecutive years. According to the latest report released by Ovicloud, the online market for electric shavers grew 17.4 percent year-on-year to 3.64 billion yuan in the first half of 2021.

  At present, China’s electric shaver industry has entered a mature and stable stage, the brand pattern is basically fixed. Although in recent years there are many manufacturers into the electric razor circuit, but according to the survey data of enterprises, in the past five years, the total number of enterprises involved in the industry has exceeded the total number of enterprises in previous years. Since 2017, the head of the electric shaver industry is still dominated by foreign brands. In June 2021, Philips and Braun had a market share of 42.5 percent and 15.9 percent, respectively, according to Ovicloud. Among domestic brands, Coffey is the most competitive, with a sales market share of 21.5 percent. The electric shaver industry has formed a competitive pattern dominated by three brands.

  Problems have arisen with the rapid development of the electric shaver industry. Lack of product innovation is its biggest problem. In recent years, the head brand Philips has been committed to the enterprise transformation in the field of electronic health care, and the research and innovation on the needs of female hair removal agent is insufficient. Coffey, another big brand, suffers from an emphasis on marketing and r&d. According to the 2019 and 2020 annual reports, Coffey invested 389 million yuan and 420 million yuan respectively to achieve sales, accounting for 10.35% and 11.77% respectively. In the revenue of that year, although its investment in R&D was only 84.89 million yuan and 74.07 million yuan, accounting for 2.26% and 2.08% of the revenue respectively, Coffey’s low investment in R&D made its product innovation progress slow.

  The lack of innovation of the two head brands of electric shavers largely leads to the lack of vitality of the overall market, which can not keep up with the rapid change of consumer demand, especially female hair removal demand. At the same time, more and more manufacturers are focusing on the fine trajectory of hair removal, and more professional household hair removal equipment has become the focus of widespread attention.

  As the “she economy” takes hold, the Internet is fueling the rapid development of hair removal devices.

  Beauty instrument brands uLIKE, JOVS, Smoothskin, beauticians, EllkII, Braun, Philips, and integrated traditional home appliance brands Midea, Panasonic, and even the Internet brand Xiaomi have all started to make efforts. Depilator field. On Taobao and JD.COM, for example, the number of brands searching for “hair removal apparatus” is 100 and 389 respectively, and the number of products is more than 8,900 and 9,300 respectively. Depilator market presents a competitive situation. Among many brands, hair removal based beauty instrument brand is the most favored by consumers. Among the top 10 products on tmall hair removal instrument V list, beauty instrument brands occupy 8 seats, and beauty instrument brands occupy 9 seats among the top 10 products on JD.COM hair removal instrument hot list. Major manufacturers also boosted sales. During the promotion period of tmall 38 in 2020, sales of hair removal machines increased by more than 1140% year on year; In April 2021, a new hair removal product was put on sale in Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room, and the single product sales exceeded 2.23 million; In the 2021 618 promotion, the hair removal device became the no.1 beauty device in retail sales on Tmall and JD.COM. This group of sales data tells us intuitively that the depilator market ushered in a period of vigorous development.

  Behind the rapid growth of hair removal cream, it has entered a new era, and hair removal apparatus is no longer a single hair removal function. We can see that many brands are constantly studying the innovative selling points of hair removal devices, with skin care and rejuvenation functions of hair removal devices emerge in an endless stream. At the same time, major brands are also constantly exploring emotional relationships with consumers, establishing brand images and broadening the direction of the industry. For consumers who pursue exquisite life, hair removal instrument has evolved from a functional product to a comfortable experience product. Internal and external repair, cultivate product quality and function, enhance the value of the industry position, for the removal machine market to bring more benign development and broader opportunities. Benefiting from the mutual support of internal and external factors, her “economy” is the internal power for the continuous improvement of market demand. In recent years, women’s rising incomes have made them more financially independent. With women as the main consumer group, products with more differentiated needs and scenarios become the consumption trend and growth direction; On the other hand, women’s aesthetic concept has also changed from “please others” to “please yourself”. Women’s attention returns to themselves and they strive for perfection in every detail. This also lets a lot of manufacturers see a business opportunity.

  From the external factors, the epidemic special “housing economy” to the hair removal device market has a great space for development. Affected by the epidemic, women who used to go to beauty salons for hair removal could only choose to conduct hair removal at home. At the same time, with the prevalence of “lazy economy”, depilator more convenient, trouble-free operation mode also brings consumers a comfortable experience, promoting the benign development of depilator market.

  In addition to the above reasons, in the Internet era, the rise of the live broadcast industry and social platforms also promote the development of hair removal devices. Hair remover has been sold in the studio of Li Jiaqi and Veya. Their publicity on flow and physique not only sold thousands of hair removal agents, but also made the product concept of hair removal agents widely spread among consumers. According to the statistics of nearly 100 hot words comments on Viya, hair removal agent ranks among the top ten hot words and is a product with high attention from fans.

  Obviously, major brands have also seen the dividend effect brought by the rapid spread of goods brought by online celebrities and stars, and have adopted such marketing methods as online celebrities and KOL to carry out word-of-mouth publicity and product promotion. Search “hair removal apparatus” in Xiaohongshu, and the content is as high as 90,000. In the video about the depilator, a single Tik Tok has been viewed a whopping 1.128 million times. Behind these numbers is growing distribution and accurate user input. “Beauty salons” of home depilators need to establish a standard market.

  Different from other cosmetics, long-term use is the only way to see the contrast effect. At present, the depilation effect of depilator is visible. Whether clean, the condition of the skin after hair removal. Are getting the attention of consumers. Most of the previous hair removal devices are simple shaver physical hair removal, only on the human skin hair, leaving stubble or even cut the skin. But with the development of science and technology, beauty salon home depilation instrument has developed to laser depilation, laser and freezing point home depilation instrument become the first choice of consumers, not only can remove the hair on the body. Skin can also inhibit hair growth to a certain extent.

  However, it should be noted that although the working principle of the home depilator is the same as that of the beauty salon, which is achieved through the principle of light and heat, the home depilator reduces the energy consumption and ensures the depilation effect. Consumer safety. Therefore, domestic depilation instrument in the suppression of hair growth and beauty salon instrument there is a certain gap.

  Safety is also the basic bottom line of a product. Although most depilators on the market have quality assurance, there are still some low-end and low-quality products to disrupt the market. On the Black Cat complaint platform, there are 269 complaints about hair removers, many of which are about injuries. Some users have scalded skin during use, while others have swollen and pigmented skin after use. All these questions are worth pondering.

  At present, there is no general industry standard in the field of domestic domestic hair removal apparatus, which leads to individual enterprises taking advantage of the situation, causing harm to consumers and bad influence on the market.

  Industry regulation is not accomplished overnight. It needs the joint efforts of relevant departments, leading enterprises and even channel providers to complete product standardization and market regulation. Industry is the foundation and functional innovation is development. Under the concept of consumption.

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