What are the precautions for leg depilation

There are many female friends who have the problem of too much body hair on their legs and feel very distressed about this problem. Therefore, beauty loving women will solve the excess body hair on their legs through leg depilation, so as to achieve a beautiful effect. Although leg depilation can have the effect of permanent depilation, we should not ignore the details. So, what are the precautions for leg depilation? Let’s have a look!

The methods of leg depilation include laser and freezing point. Among them, freezing point depilation is the most advanced permanent depilation method for legs. According to the principle of selective thermodynamics, it revolutionary uses the semiconductor laser of American scientists and doctors to penetrate the skin surface, and finally destroy the absorption of hair follicles. It can remove excess hair in a large area cool and painless, effectively protect the surrounding skin and enable beauty lovers to depilate quickly.

What are the precautions for leg depilation? The specific precautions are as follows:

  1. Do not use depilatory cream, depilatory cream and other cosmetics before treatment. Clean and bathe before treatment.
  2. After depilation, the pores are easy to open. It is recommended to avoid bathing in the first day after depilation to prevent inflammation.
  3. Find an experienced doctor, first determine the location and scope of hair removal, because hair removal is relatively long-term, and the effect of hair removal according to a certain range is better.
  4. One day after depilation, it’s best not to rub body care products such as moisturizer, because these products may stimulate the skin and cause infection.
  5. Pay attention to sunscreen, because laser treatment achieves the purpose of permanent hair removal by destroying hair follicles at high temperature. After laser treatment, the skin of the part irradiated by laser will be relatively fragile. It is easy to cause pigment precipitation after sunlight, which will take a certain time to subside.
  6. Leg depilation should generally be selected in autumn and winter. Because the whole process of hair removal takes a period of time, in order to show smooth skin in summer, it should start in autumn and winter. At this time, there is a large contrast between skin color and hair color, the treatment effect will be better and the safety will be higher.