What can’t you eat after depilation? Three kinds of food can’t be touched temporarily after depilation

Core tip: many friends in life think that the weight of body hair will greatly affect their image, so they often choose depilation when wearing short sleeved shorts in summer. Because depilation will more or less cause certain irritation to the skin, we must pay attention to dietary problems after depilation, such as spicy and irritating food, fried food and seafood.

Now the weather is getting hotter and it’s time to wear short sleeved shorts. Many friends are afraid that too much body hair will affect their image, so they will choose depilation at this time. No matter what depilation method, it will more or less stimulate the skin or hair follicles. Therefore, after depilation, we must pay attention to personal diet to avoid stimulating the skin and hair follicles. Then, what can’t we eat after depilation? After depilation, three kinds of food can’t be touched for the time being.

1、 Spicy and irritant foods: such as chili, mustard, onion, garlic, green onion and other foods are inedible, because these foods will stimulate the skin and hair follicles after entering the human body, resulting in edema, congestion and other symptoms, and even inflammation. Therefore, try not to touch such foods within a week after hair removal.

2、 Fried food: Although fried food is less irritating, eating such food will cause the skin to secrete more oil, and excessive skin oil secretion will increase the probability of skin infection. After depilation, the skin and hair follicle are very sensitive, so eating fried food may increase the incidence of infectious skin diseases, so avoid such food after depilation.

3、 Seafood: Seafood belongs to hair products. I believe we all know that seafood contains heterosexual protein, which is often easy to become an allergen, resulting in inflammation of skin and hair follicles. For patients with skin inflammation, eating seafood will aggravate the disease and even lead to repeated disease. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not eat seafood too early after depilation. It is best to eat it after depilation for a week.

You must know what you can’t eat after depilation. After depilation, you should not only pay more attention to diet, but also pay attention to personal hygiene. Wash your skin with clean water every day. It is not recommended to use any skin cleansing or skin care products during this period. When you go out, you should pay more attention to sunscreen, so as to avoid allergies and other situations. If you feel skin discomfort after hair removal, you should seek medical treatment immediately, and do not abuse drugs yourself.