What can’t you eat after laser hair removal? These foods must not be eaten after laser hair removal

Core tip: in hot summer, everyone will wear shorter clothes. At this time, if the hair is heavy, it will affect the overall image. For women who love beauty, they will choose hair removal. Laser hair removal is a popular way now. After laser hair removal, they do not need to eat spicy food, seafood food and fried food. They must take good care of their diet, so as to make the effect of hair removal better.

Many hairs on the body are also very troublesome for some people. Whether on the arms, legs or armpits, if the hair is thick, it will affect the skin condition. Therefore, you can choose a suitable hair removal method. Laser hair removal is one of them. Let’s take a look at what foods can’t be eaten after laser hair removal.

1、 Spicy food

After laser hair removal, spicy and irritating food cannot be eaten, which will lead to skin allergy, and the skin will also be red and swollen, causing irritation to the skin. After laser hair removal, the nursing work of diet must be done in place. Many foods need contraindications. The diet should be light, and eat some fresh fruits and vegetables. Choose foods rich in vitamin C and dietary fiber.

2、 Seafood

After laser hair removal, seafood should also be avoided, because seafood is hair food, which will cause allergies and may lead to itching, redness and swelling of the skin. Some bad eating habits must be changed in time. Pay attention not to eat too much at one time. Dietary taboos should also be understood clearly, do a good job in deep skin cleaning and skin maintenance, This enables faster recovery.

3、 Fried food

After laser hair removal, fried foods can not be eaten. After eating, the pores will become thicker, and there will be too much garbage and toxins in the skin, which can not be discharged from the body. Therefore, after laser hair removal, fried foods must not be eaten, and foods containing a lot of fat should also be avoided. Heat and fat intake should be well controlled, Correct unhealthy eating habits in time.

4、 Correct diet choice

After laser hair removal, you can take some vitamin C tablets and eat more fruits rich in vitamin C to strengthen the skin’s resistance and reduce the generation of pigment. For example, there is a lot of vitamin C in jujubes, fruits and vegetables. After laser hair removal, you can eat more foods rich in vitamin A to make the wound heal faster, such as tomatoes, carrots, fish oil, etc, You can eat some appropriately.

After laser hair removal, the above foods must not be eaten. Eating them will lead to allergies. Only by doing a good job in dietary regulation and nursing, and changing bad daily living habits and eating habits, can the recovery speed become faster and the effect of hair removal be better, otherwise it will also cause more adverse effects.