What should we pay attention to when taking off chest hair with laser?

With the development of laser, laser depilation technology has been applied to all aspects of beauty. Laser depilation technology is a very effective method of beauty depilation. Laser depilation technology has brought good news to many hairy friends, but there are also many places to pay attention to when using laser depilation, such as when taking off the hair on the front chest.

  1. Do not use depilatory cream, depilatory cream and other cosmetics before laser depilation.
  2. Clean and bathe before laser hair removal.
  3. Go to the plastic surgery hospital and see an experienced doctor. First of all, determine the location and scope of hair removal, because laser hair removal is permanent, according to a certain range of hair removal can have cosmetic effect.
  4. When the laser passes through the skin, it has a certain warm feeling, which is a normal phenomenon. For particularly sensitive people, doctors will selectively use a little surface anesthetic, and those seeking beauty can complete hair removal in pleasure.
  5. After laser hair removal, the doctor will cold compress the hair removal place for 10 to 15 minutes. The hair removal place should avoid exposure to the sun.
  6. After 20 days of laser hair removal, go to the plastic hospital for review in time. The doctor will determine the hair removal effect and arrange the next hair removal time and scope according to the specific situation.

The above matters are the guarantee of the success of the operation and have a very important impact on the success of the operation.

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