Why is depilation not clean depilation is not clean depilation or is it affected by three factors

Core tip: some people will encounter unhairing and unclean depilation. Generally, unhairing once or twice is a normal phenomenon. Hair has a growth cycle, that is, growth period, rest period and shedding period. Generally, laser hair removal only works on the hair in the growth period. Hair removal is not to take off if you want to, but to follow the hair growth cycle. Generally, it will be completely removed after 6-8 times.

The hair all over our body has a great impact on our social life. In those years, we used hair removal methods: shaver, hair removal cream, honey wax, hair removal pliers, etc., but these methods have varying degrees of damage to the skin. Now most people choose laser hair removal, but after removal, we all find that it can’t be removed clean once or twice. So why can’t hair removal be clean? What are the three influencing factors of hair removal, Let’s introduce it to you.

Laser depilation can selectively destroy the melanin in the hair follicle. Thick or darker hair generally has strong light absorption ability. After laser depilation, it can be bright and clean for a long time. However, those fine hair contain little melanin and have weak light absorption ability. Laser depilation can make the hair shorter, thinner and slow down the growth rate. Hair still grows after laser hair removal, but the hair that grows again will be sparse and very thin.

Why can’t depilation be clean? Unhairing is affected by three growth cycles of hair, including growth period, rest period and abscission period.

1、 Growth period: the hair in the growth period is generally the most active and has the strongest light absorption capacity.

2、 Rest period: hair generally stops growing during the rest period, but it does not leave the hair follicle.

3、 Abscission period: during the hair abscission period, the old hair will fall off and the new hair will grow out.

Laser hair removal mainly works on the hair during the growth period. Therefore, laser hair removal needs several times to see the effect. Generally, it can’t be removed completely once or twice, and it will be removed basically after 6-8 times. The growth cycle of one round of hair works in one month. Therefore, during hair removal, the doctor will recommend a second hair removal after one month.

Therefore, the girls of hair removal must understand clearly that laser hair removal is not to take off when they want to, but to follow the hair growth cycle. It should be reminded that although hair removal is a small project, it also needs to go to a regular beauty hospital. If you have more questions about why hair removal is not clean, you can go to the local hospital for more detailed consultation.