Will it grow again after freezing point depilation

Will body hair grow again after freezing point depilation? The thick hair on the body affects the image, especially in summer. The hairy body hair on women’s armpits and legs will make people embarrassed. Freezing point depilation is a popular depilation technology now. Will it grow again after freezing point depilation?

Hair may regenerate after freezing point depilation, but the newborn hair will become thinner and less obvious. The effect varies from person to person. Some people grow hair after 6 months, but others will not regenerate until 2 years later. Because some hair follicles are in the resting and degenerative stage at any time, multiple treatments are needed to achieve the effect of destroying hair follicles.

Freezing point depilation is the latest depilation method and technology, which can achieve the effect of complete and permanent depilation. The wavelength can penetrate into the deep layer of dermis and subcutaneous adipose tissue, act on different parts and deep hair follicles, and can quickly and thoroughly remove the hair of any part and depth of human body. After the freezing point depilation treatment, the hairs on the previously treated parts will not grow again. Will it grow after freezing point depilation? It is related to the personal situation. After freezing point depilation, it does not mean that the hair will be completely eradicated. If you want to have a good effect of freezing point hair removal, it needs to be carried out many times, because the hair may regenerate. To achieve the purpose of eradication, it can not be completed twice at a time. It usually takes 3-4 times for freezing point depilation, and 7-8 times for vigorous hair growth.

Generally speaking, the more treatment times, the more likely it is to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. The specific treatment times should be designed according to each person’s specific situation, so that the hair removal effect can be the best. Freezing point depilation long pulse laser irradiation with specific wavelength can destroy melanin and achieve the purpose of permanent depilation of hair follicle atrophy. Freezing point depilation is mainly aimed at destroying hair follicles during the growth period, so as to achieve the permanent depilation effect that hair will never regenerate.

The above is the answer to the question “will it grow again after freezing point depilation”. I believe those seeking beauty also understand that in order to achieve the effect of permanent depilation, they should depilate many times according to their own conditions.